Ultra-precise vertical rotary grinder SGR-1300B

Single unit from ultra-precise to heavy duty grinding!

Ultra-precise vertical rotary grinder SGR-1300B

Stable grinding from precise grinding to heavy duty grinding is realized by the newly-developed high rigid cabinet

Simple and easy operation with unique
NC control

Space-saving in spite of its big table
of φ1,300 mm

Rust-resistant and durable stainless
used for all surfaces

Works height up to 600 mm high
can be handled as standard
Up to 1,200 mm can be handled (with special order)!

Mechanical specification (Standard specification)
Maximum work that can be handled 600(1,200)mmH×1,300mmφ×1,300kg
Diameter of electromagnetic chuck table 1,300mm (with sliding mechanism)
External diameter of grindstone 700mm
Minimum cut depth 0.01mm(0.001mm)
Auto cutting speed of grindstone 0.001~1,500mm/min
Size of machine (main body) 1,500×2,700×2,500H(mm)
Machine weight (main body only) Approx. 8,500kg
Option, other
Automatic grinding size controller
Vacuum absorption system
Centrifuge (Standard specification/SUS standard)
Mist collector unit
Paper filter unit
LED interior light
Primary dirty tank to be installed separately
All-stainless grind liquid tank
Cooling jacket water type grind liquid tank
Grind liquid tank (standard)
Tank capacity 650L
Grind liquid Water-soluble grind liquid
Grind liquid cooler Air-cooling
Magnet separator For water-soluble grind liquid